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Личный кабинет

Личный кабинет
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St. Petersburg. September 24-27th, 2018


What does it mean to have Your Own Experimantal Shop? Undoubtedly, this is a great advantage for any production facility with a long history, which is able to produce traditional products proved by the food market to be reliable ingredients. And to constantly create the novelties and "special" products, by the request of the Сustomer. 
This is the way we follow Our Business Philosophy: to be up-to-date and, correspondingly, to suggest products highly demanded by the market.
It's really an important event in Our Experimantal Shop: we gathered our experts for educational seminar on the recepies application under actual usage conditions. This hac become possible, of course, with special equipment at hand, which is present in any meat-processing plant. We practice such an education for our empolyees regularly as we consider it proper and essential to upgrade their professional knowledge. This time educational seminar was devoted to technologists, being experts who can "unmolecule" the product, and for the sales managers. 
In the atmosphere of active and free spirit we were investigating the recepies, "tasting" new products, discussing, negotiating and searching for new solutions. The opinion of each participant was important, firstly, as an expert, secondly, as a "data carrier" from the manufacturing facilities experts who put our ingredients into practice.  
So there were creating for 4 working days in our "workshop" the "old hands". The level of the master is well seen when every little thing is taken into account and when it comes a part of the integral whole. Fresh ideas and new recepies became the result of thorough work. These results can already be used by You, having contacted our technologists and/or managers - our useful "data carriers" for our Customers!