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Личный кабинет

Личный кабинет
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Experimental Shop

What does it mean to have your Own Experimantal Shop? It undoubtedly means a great advantage for any production unit, especially for the one which has existed for a long time and can produce familiar products proved by time and by the market to be good ingredients. We can also constantly create novelties and "special" products, in accordance with a Customer's needs. This is the best way to follow our Corporate Philosophy - to be contemporary and to suggest products under demand.

Our new Experimantal Shop is equipped by an equipment that is usual for any meat-processing plant, to implement and to work through new products in real conditions. An Experimantal Shop is also a place to educate our experts to implement different technologies and to experiment again and again.
We practice the experts education regularly as we consider it right to develop the empolyees professionally. Of course, the primary aim of the Experimantal Shop is to produce a product of good quality.