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Личный кабинет

Личный кабинет
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Novosibirsk. June 1-2nd, 2018


Starting from June 1st 2018 there was in progress the educational seminar for the Customers which was held by the branch of "Belstar" in Novosibirsk and lasted for 2 working days.
We have already learnt to derive the ultimate use from such a format of interaction with the Customer: here You find both the theory and the practice, also a dialoque based communication. 
Inextinguishable interest of our guests to our seminars and being ready to take part for us mean only one thing: the prospect to organise mora and more such seminars as we always find some problems to solve and some novelties to introduce to the market as the demand for it is still alive. 
This time we hosted 28 participants being the representatives of 15 manufacturing enterprises of meat-processing industry, including the key ones. There were present Ekaterina Luchkina, Executive Director of the National Meat-Processors Union of Russia, and Vladimir Runov, Commercial Director of NHL Group of Companies. 
The tasting sessions, during which the experts had a chance to ensure in the product quality, let us estimate 33 items manufactured by "Belstar" (Russia) and Christl (Austria). Following the results of tasting sheets more than the half of items received the average grade of 4,5 marks on a scale from 1 to 5.
For us it means a success and the forthcoming work at once. We will be working under improving the product up to 5 mark and - what we appreciate the most - the chance to immediately react to a real Customer response!