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Rostov-on-Don. May 24-25th, 2018


From May, 24 th until May, 25th 2018 in the city of Rostov-on-Don there was held the seminar for experts of meat-pocessing industry, which was organised by the Representative Office of GEA  in Russia together with "Belstar" Group of Companies.
We understand how close are the ties of adjoining industries of meat-processing. Thus, orienting at the Customer issues being raised, we decided to join our efforts and to make the seminar most effective for its participants. The main topics of 2 days working were the following: «Meat-processing and packaging equipment», «Food ingredients for sausage and meat delicatessen manufacturing», «Energy saving solutions for raw materials and ready-made product cooling».
During the seminar there were present meat-processors of the South Region of Russia, Donetsk People's Republic, Lugansk People's Republic. Among the participants there were such famous companies as RKZ TAVR, DA Ltd., Agro-PLUS, Rusinov Ltd., Kanevskoy MPK, Trade House Holding, Orion MPK, Staraya Stanitsa, etc.
The Speakers from GEA were such experts as Mr. Yens Eichler (Germany), the Director of Sales in Russia , Mr. Vim Sturm (Netherlands), the Product Manager on Equipment for Meat-Processing, Fedor Levin, the Manager of Meat-Processing Equipment and Packaging Sales Department, Ivan Karev, the Chief Manager of Food Manufacturing Freeze Department.
Alexander Belgozhaev, the Commercial Director of "Belstar" Group of Companies, represented a corporate presentation about the current rates of "Belstar" activities. Alexey Gannov, the director of South Regional Branch of "Belstar" made a speech on the best selling products in the region. Vladimir Zonin, the deputy Director on New Product Development, told us about the novelties of the company, which have already been implemented into the market in 2018 and which are under testing now.
Mr. Gunter Yashke, the Technologist of «Christl» (Austria) and Igor Karpov, the Selling Technologist of "Belstar" in Rostov-on-Don, organised the tasting session: both bestsellers and novelties. Such tasting sessions always give a chance to exchange the experience.  
Ekaterina Luchkina, The Executive Director of the National Meat-Processors Union of Russia, made her speech on unscheduled inspections and on relevant legislation amendments.  
The participants themselves characterised the pace of the seminar work as tensed and productive, but not deprived of rest and relaxation – keeping the best traditions of the seminars. 
We hope that this seminar has become useful for meat-processors as far as it concerns its focus, speech topics, experience exchange. As for other advantages, it is necessary to mention the following: partneship seminars help to join in one place all the industry experts, interested in actual discussion, thus saving their time and suggesting ready practical solutions for further use.